Portable BW

With improved portability and durability, use of bedside and off site ultrasound machine has increased to a large extent. These machines come in a laptop shape and are very lightweight compared to bigger ultrasound systems. Portable BW (Black & White) ultrasounds can perform multiple tasks and used in a number of clinical applications like cardiology, gynecology, urology, pediatrics, Obstetrics, MSK, small parts etc. These machines can produce scanned images of patients in cases of emergency also.

If you want to upgrade you clinical practice or have to be on a continuous move, then a portable BW ultrasound machine can easily fulfill all your requirements. At KeeboMed Inc., we provide a variety of products of renowned brands like Chison, SIUI, SonoScape, Mindray etc. For any questions or information, call us on our helpline number and one of our expert technician would assist you in shopping. KeeboMed is the only company that has a unique free returns policy during 30 days.