Probe Options: Linear Array
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WED-3100 - Palm Ultrasound Scanner | KeeboMed Inc. | SALE

WED-3100 is a high quality palm ultrasound scanner with a high linear and convex resolution. This machine has multiple features such as micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), real time dynamic aperture (RDA), digital beam-forming (DBF), frame correlation technology that produces images with clarity and high resolution, real time display, zoom, up-down and right-left flip etc. WED3100 is great for vascular access such as PICC line guidance and basic B&W only Ob/Gyn or abdominal diagnosis. With a decent resolution 5” TFT LCD, it can run on battery life for up to 2 hours and even offers a car charger. It is also used for multiple veterinary applications as it comes with a 6.5 vet rectal transducer.

At KeeboMed Inc., we provide WED-3100 palm ultrasound machine at highly discounted rate. This ulstrasound system is perfect if you are not in the mood to make hefty investments in your clinical practice.

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