SonoScape A6

Probe Options: Linear Array Probe L745
Sale price$ 14,622.99


Sonoscape A6 - Portable Ultrasound System | KeeboMed Inc.

SonoScape A6 is a portable ultrasound system considered best among black and white imaging ultrasound machines. It has frequency range up to 12MHz on its linear probes and is an excellent choice for general imaging, line placement, OB, MSK, and needle guidance. It is a cost-effective choice for doctors in need of a high resolution B/W machine for their practice.

You can conveniently shop for a portable ultrasound from KeeboMed Inc's online store. Our company offers a huge collection of SonoScape machines and A6 is available at a very affordable price. KeeboMed Inc. also offers warranty on all of its products.

SonoScape A6 has a deeper scanning depth, Bi-Plane transducer option, chroma function, greater zoom, more compact, LCD screen and better imaging. It is very effective in diagnosing kidney, liver, abdomen, biopsies, OB/GYN, vascular access and vessel guidance. It has full patient database solutions such as DVD, USB storage, PDF report, AVI/JPEG, DICOM3.0, etc.

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