Chison ECO3

PROBE: MC5V-A Micro-Convex (5.0 MHz)
Sale price$ 15,747.99


Chison ECO3 - B & W Portable Ultrasound | KeeboMed Inc.

Chison ECO3 is one of the best in B&W (Black & White) portable ultrasound systems available. It has excellent image quality which outshines all the other products in the category. ECO3 is the only system to feature a high resolution LED monitor and produces the highest resolution images. With 30% longer battery life and 30% lighter than other ultrasounds, it is the most powerful B&W portable ultrasound system.

Chison ECO3 has an extremely user-friendly interface and technologically advanced software, which shortens examining times by minimizing the user inputs. It is commonly used in clinical applications such as cardiac, pediatrics, urology, MSK, OB/GYN, abdominal and small parts. The patient management and transfer capabilities of Chison ECO3 are easy to use and the image optimization features can be modified even while scanning. It also comes with hi-technology features like Chroma, compound image and trapezoid imaging.

· 12” LED
·  Rotatable LED within 30°
·  2 probe connectors
·  Built-in battery: 2 hours
·  Memory up to: 320G
·  9 types of probes
·  DICOM 3.0( optional ) , USB


Advanced imaging technologies

Streamlined Workflow

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