Chison is a leading manufacturer of ultrasound systems in the world. For over 17 years, Chison has specialized in the development and manufacturing of high quality ultrasound with its modern biomedical engineering, software and electronics. It production capacity is 8,000 units per year. The company has become quite popular all over the world with its strict quality control, user-friendly design, advanced technology and life-time after-sales service. Every year, Chison delivers new models with the latest technologies and affordable high-tech products to keep you stay on the leading-edge of ultrasound technology.
At KeeboMed Inc. we have Chison ultrasound machines available for sale at really affordable rates. We have portable, color Doppler and B/W ultrasounds which are fully mobile. Some Chison models offered by us are Sonotouch 30, ivis60 expert, ivis30, i7, i3, Q8, Q6, Q5, ECO 3, ECO-1, 8300 etc. These products are a perfect combination of portability and utility which fits even in the toughest clinical situations.