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Chison ECO1Vet - Veterinary Ultrasound | KeeboMed Inc.

Chison ECO-1 Vet is an excellent choice for performing all types of scans and a reliable system which every veterinarian should incorporate in their practice. The equipment delivers accurate diagnose with its high frequency transducers which range between 2.5 MHz to 10 MHz, depending on the probe. ECO- 1 can adapt to different viewing angles as it comes with 12″ LCD screen, also very lightweight and convenient for field use. It is used in a number of clinical applications for large animals like reproduction and tendons. This ultrasound machine comes with a veterinary rectal probe with high frequency of 5.3 MHz to 10.00 MHz which is used to measure follicles and heat detection among cattle to determine the best time for insemination.

If Chison ECO-1 fulfills all your requirements then at KeeboMed Inc., we can offer you a wide collection of this high-quality ultrasound system. We are the only company that has a unique free returns policy during 30 days.


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