B/W Ultrasounds

KeeboMed Inc. is a renowned name in the field of ultrasound machines. We provide a wide range of ultrasound machines to technicians, doctors, farmers and breeders. Our company offers different types of black/white ultrasound such as palm, HCU, portable, trolley based and vet models.

The ultrasound image is black, white or gray, depending on the intensity of the reflection. Different tissues release different sound. For example, some tissues reflect while others absorbs the sound waves. The speed at which the echoes return dictates the density of the tissue. These images deliver adequate information which helps doctors to diagnose various diseases. Ultrasound machines have multiple benefits, like these are used to detect heart diseases, cancers, muscular-skeletal injuries, pregnancy and fetal images.

At KeeboMed Inc., we put an end to your search for black/white ultrasound machines by providing you exactly what you have been looking for. From us, you can shop for the most reliable, high quality and affordable products. We also offer warranty on each machine.