Mixed Practice

Ultrasound plays an important role in all aspects of veterinary mixed practice’s success. It is achieved when veterinarians share responsibilities to ensure all of the patients are taken care of. Portable veterinary ultrasound machines make it convenient to go from inside the clinic to cattle facilities or a barn. For busy veterinary practices, KeeboMed offers high-performance imaging solution, which lets veterinarians to scan small details with precision for a faster, more accurate diagnosis. We have products of renowned brands like Chison, Kaixin, SonoScape, Mindray etc.
KeeboMed Inc. offers best alternatives for high priced ultrasound systems which cannot be afforded by small time veterinarians. For your convenience we have categorized all products on basis of portability, usage, brands and application. Contact us and one of our expert advisor would provide full assistance in choosing the right product for you. KeeboMed is the only company offering free returns within 30 days and warranty on each ultrasound machine.