SonoScape A6V

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Probe Options: Rectal Probe L761
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Sonoscape A6V Ultrasound for Veterinarians - KeeboMed Inc.

SonoScape A6V is one of the most preferred B/W (Black&White) portable ultrasound machines for veterinarians. It comes with a wide variety of professional veterinary transducers, making the ultrasound machine perfect for perfect for canine, equine, feline, bovine or ovine scanning. SonoScape A6V Ultrasound machine has a 12 inch LCD monitor which is considered good for viewing and diagnosis. It has an adjustable monitor for clear image from any angle, a feature you would not find in other machines. This system can produce scans up to 320mm and has a very high probe frequency.

If you are looking for a ultrasound machine with similar qualities then SonoScape A6V is one of the best choice. At KeeboMed Inc. you can find this ultrasound machine at highly discounted rates. Our expert technicians check each and every machine for quality and performance before selling. KeeboMed is the only company that has a unique policy of free returns within 30 days.

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