HCU Color Doppler

Color Doppler ultrasound is used by physicians to detect the flow of blood in vessels. Hand-carried ultrasound (HCU) system has improved the diagnosis of different diseases over physical examination and has broadened the versatility in ultrasound application. Color Doppler ultrasounds determines blood flow in multiple applications such as to check abnormalities of heart valves, peripheral arterial diseases, abnormalities in the blood vessels, valve stenosis and diastolic heart failure. At KeeboMed Inc. you can find HCU color Doppler machines of renowned brands like Chison and Sonoscpe. Few models we have are Chison Q9, Q8, Q6, Q5 ans SonoScape S9, S8Exp, S8, S6, S2 etc.
If you want to purchase a high quality HCU color Doppler ultrasound machine, then KeeboMed can offer you a wide range of quality products. For any queries and information, call our customer care services and one of our expert technician would assist you in shopping. You can also calls us to get a price quote for any product.