SonoScape S9

Probe Options: Convex Array C353
Sale price$ 67,497.99


SonoScape S9 - Touchscreen Ultrasound System | KeeboMed Inc.

SonoScape systems have always been synonymous with accuracy, functionality and usability. Its S9 ultrasound is no exception which is made out of constant innovation and considerable effort. SonoScape ultrasound S9 fulfills the requirements for both premium resolution in cardiac imaging and high frame rate by providing high density phased array probe. It also shows accurate cardiac diagnosis because of high sensitivity color Doppler mapping. Apart from excellent 3D/4D, S9 also produces quality 2D images for endo-vaginal diagnose.

The S9 eases the diagnostic efficiency and measurement by generating rapidly accurate information on the position of lesions and real-time panoramic images for bulky masses or organs. It is effectively used for diagnosing abdominal, cardiology, urology, small parts and OB/GYN.

SonoScape S9 is a user friendly product with its instant touch screen access to design of remote control. At KeeboMed Inc., we have S9 at a very affordable price and it is surely a smarter choice to buy one from us.

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