With advancing technology the bigger or heavier ultrasound machines are being fast replaced by the compact, portable and more upgraded ones. KeeboMed Inc. offers a wide range of diagnostic ultrasound systems, leading the way in imaging innovation. The company specializes in human, veterinary and even used ultrasound, Our team is dedicated to work for the success of our clients, and we strive hard to exceed expectations for service, quality and value. We have a wide range of excellent of HCU (Hand Carried Ultrasounds) which produce B/W (Black&White) images; few models are Kaixin KX5000, KX5100, Chison Sonotouch 10, ECO-3, ECO-1 and SonoScape A6. 

At KeeboMed Inc. you can find a huge collection of HCU machines which are about a laptop’s size and weigh less than 20 pounds. All the products you would purchase from us have been checked by our experts for full functionality and performance. Call us to get a price quote today.