Veterinarians dealing with equine ultrasounds require systems which offer superior image quality, portability and flexibility. KeeboMed Inc. provides veterinarians with advanced imaging technologies which would give consistent image quality with less manipulation for greater diagnostic confidence. Our company has products for those who are looking for a portable veterinary ultrasound system with unmatched image clarity.
KeeboMed offers a variety of equine ultrasound machines to meet your requirements for equine practice. We have high quality systems like MSU-1, KX5500V, KX2600V, DVU-60, RKU-10, KX5200V, KX5100V, KX5000vet, Chison Sonotouch 30Vet, Chison Sonotouch 20Vet etc., the list is never ending. All these machines have been checked by our experts for high efficiency and full functionality.
At KeeboMed Inc., you would surely found a machine that would fulfill you needs for a faster, more accurate diagnosis. Call us for any information and queries and one of our expert advisors would assist you in shopping. We also offer warranty on each our products.