Bovine Ultrasounds

KeeboMed Inc. offers a wide range of ultrasound scanners meant for Bovine at a price range that would fit almost every budget. We offer a wide range of machines like KX5500V, MSU-1, Kx2600V, DVU-60, RKU-10, KX5200V, KX5100V, KX5000vet, Chison Sonotouch 30Vet, Chison Sonotouch 20Vet etc. You can search the products and specifications from our online store. With the help of ultrasound machines a veterinarian, farmer or breeder can do faster and accurate pregnancy checks, diagnose conditions in the thorax, umbilical area, testicles. From us you can have veterinary ultrasound machine for reproduction diagnosis on dairy and beef cattle. Our collection of bovine ultrasound machines are designed to deliver faster, more accurate and easy diagnostic options.
With help of expert KeeboMed technicians each and every machine is checked for efficiency. You can call our customer care executives for any information and queries. We also offer warranty on each product and have an amazing return policy of 30 days.