Palm B/W

Ultrasound scanning is one of the basic techniques used by physicians to diagnose patients to figure out causes of various ailments. Palm BW (Black & White) ultrasound machines are cheap in price, but high in quality and value. It is important for every physician to have an ultrasound machine to fulfill all the diagnostic purposes. These portable systems are user-friendly and easy to operate compared to the bigger and complex ultrasound machines. Also, a perfect choice in a situation where space is limited as this is lightweight and flexible.

KeeboMed Inc. has palm BW ultrasound machines models like KX5000, KX5100, WED 3100 and Chison Sonotouch 10 etc. All these products have been checked by our experts for high efficiency and full functionality. KeeboMed offers these models at highly affordable prices, so you can make a purchase even with tightest budget. The company does not compromise on quality and offers warranty on each of its product.