Veterinary Ultrasounds

KeeboMed Inc. offers a variety of veterinary ultrasound machines to meet all types of diagnostic needs in animals. We offer different veterinary ultrasound machines on sale for bovine, equine, pets, cattle or farm animals and for reptiles/fishes.
Veterinary Ultrasound machines are used to diagnose animals suffering from injuries and other ailments. Reproduction is examined by breeders as they detect pregnancy among cattle and health of unborn calves. It is also used to check and manage fat content of cattle meant for beef industry. A clinic may also use ultrasound to monitor an ongoing condition of pets. Large animal veterinary ultrasound are used to check on the heart health of a race horse, to determine if a cow is ready for breeding, or to detect the source of an intestinal obstruction in animals.
If you are planning to buy a machine for your veterinary hospital, KeeboMed Inc. can offer a wide range of veterinary ultrasound machines on sale at competitive prices. We also offer warranty on every product.