Vet Color Doppler

KeeboMed Inc. has a wide range of color doppler veterinary ultrasound systems used for different diagnostic purposes in small or large animals. These machines can be used for bovine, equine, pets, cattle and reptiles/fishes. Veterinarians use ultrasound systems to diagnose animals suffering from various ailments. With the help of these breeders can also detect pregnancy in cattle and health of unborn calves. Color Doppler vet ultrasounds are used to examine the blood flow in veins and arteries of animals. This is mostly used in critical conditions and injuries. This advance technique helps the veterinarians to detect any blood clot or reverse flow of blood in animal’s body.
At KeeboMed you can find various models of color Doppler vet ultrasounds like Chison Sonotouch 30Vet, Sonotouch 20Vet, Q9Vet, Q8Vet, Q6Vet, Q5V, Q9 and Sonoscape S8V, S6V, S2V etc. all these systems have been checked for high efficiency and full functionality. KeeboMed offers warranty on each product.