Used B/W

For proper diagnostic procedures, an ultrasound system is a must have whether you have a small clinic or a hospital. A big investment is required to buy a new ultrasound which cannot be borne by everyone. So if you have limited budget it is highly advisable to go for used B/W (Black & White) ultrasound machine. At KeeboMed Inc., we offer a wide collection of used systems which have been refurbished and checked for all the flaws. Be rest assured of product safety as we always pack them in high quality packages.

Purchasing a right machine which fulfills all your needs is not an easy task, therefore KeeboMed has categorized all products on the basis of application and brands. For any confusion regarding any ultrasound machine, call our customer care services and one of the executive would assist you in shopping. We give warranty on every machine and have a unique policy of free returns during 30 days.