Trolley Based Color Doppler

Ultrasound machines often require to be moved with the patient, for example if a patient is supposed to be moved from emergency room to ICU or vice-versa. Here trolley based ultrasound prove to be very helpful for continuous monitoring of the patient. These can often be placed on the bedside enabling the doctor to check the condition of the patient on each development in the treatment procedure. Trolley ultrasound with color Doppler has been a boon to the medical field. With help of these hi-tech machines the physician can easily check the blood flow in the vessels. These machines generally comes with multiple features and a large cart-based system in a mobile, go-anywhere package. Trolley Color Doppler ultrasound models which you can find at KeeboMed Inc. are Chison ivis60 expert, ivis30, i7, i3 etc.
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