Shared service

KeeboMed knows all the aspects of ultrasound systems and can help you to select the right shared service machine depending on your requirements. Shared service is not an application, instead an ultrasound machine used for multiple applications like gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology, radiology, also. Shared service systems are also considered for full-body and are capable of conducting a full cardiac exam. From breast, kidney to unborn child monitoring, these units are highly equipped to handle it all with ease. This type of ultrasound is perfect for a clinic that has patients with different ailments needing various scans.
If you are searching for a multi-tasking machine, KeeboMed Inc. offers a wide variety of shared service ultrasound systems from top manufacturers in the world. All products are checked for full functionality and high performance before being delivered to the clients. Call us to get a price quote and for any information or queries. KeeboMed also offers warranty on each product.

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