Color Doppler

The Color ultrasound machines on sale at KeeboMed are used by technicians, doctors, veterinarians, farmers and breeders to detect various ailments and pregnancy. Our company offers different models of sonogram machine like portable, HCU, trolley based, touch screen and vet Color Doppler ultrasound machines.
Color ultrasound detects and measures the movement of RBC (red blood cells) as these cause a change in pitch of the reflected sound waves known as the Doppler effect. There would be no change in pitch rate (phase shift) if the blood is not moving. These can produce images which are hard or impossible to get using standard ultrasound. You can accurately diagnose blocked arteries, valves, congenital heart disease, blood clotting, reverse flow, restricted flow and the deep vein thrombosis by using Color Doppler ultrasound machine.
KeeboMed sells sonography machine at affordable prices. From us you can buy products with excellent interface and high performance. We also offer warranty for our reliable and high quality Color ultrasound machines.