Nowadays, battery based portable ultrasound machines are being used all over the world. These batteries have helped the physicians and veterinarians to work in environments where electricity is not available or in cases of emergency. These enable to take the ultrasound scanner everywhere allowing diagnosing a larger number of patients or animals.

Most of the batteries are built in, but detachable ones are also available. These are rechargeable and have a high working capacity ranging mostly between one to three hours.

KeeboMed Inc. not only provides ultrasound scanners, but deals in highly functional batteries also. You can be rest assured about quality of batteries as to back our claims we offer warranty on each product. If you are having any confusion related to battery based ultrasound machines, then feel free to call us and one of our expert advisors would gladly provide full assistance in shopping. KeeboMed has a unique policy of free returns within 30 days.

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