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Used S8 - Color HCU Ultrasound | KeeboMed, Inc. | FOR SALE

Used SonoScape S8 is still in great working condition, with full warranty. S8 is a premium HCU (Hand-Carried Ultrasound) color Doppler system with a number of technological upgrades. It has multiple applications, probes, features and capabilities which are found only in full-size console machines.

SonoScape S8 has features like bi-plane rectal imaging, panoramic imaging, 4D real-time obstetrical imaging, Adult and Pediatric TEE, transducers ranging up to 16 MHz and a number of standard features you would not find in most ultrasound machines, it also has 2 active transducer ports. S8 has 4D trans-esophageal imaging and transducers ranging from 1.9 MHz to 15MHz, making this machine perfect for diagnosing in hospitals and clinics. Its portability allows easy transportation and it is a full-body ultrasound machine. S8 comes with full patient database solutions such as DVD RW, DICOM3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD, PDF report, etc.

SonoScape S8 has excellent image quality and has become a top-seller and customer-loved product at KeeboMed Inc. It is a versatile portable ultrasound machine you can buy from KeeboMed Inc. at a nominal price range.

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