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Used S2 - SonoScape Ultrasound | KeeboMed, Inc. | FOR SALE

The Used SonoScape S2 is a portable color Doppler system. Still in great working condition, with full warranty. The SonoScape software platform proves to be more user-friendly for sonographers. SonoScape ultrasound S2 fulfills the requirements of doctors as its functions are: professional diagnosis applications, convenient user-definable settings and intelligent patient file management system.

Sonoscape s2 ultrasound machine equipment is used to diagnose liver, gall bladder or bile passages, pancreatic gland, kidney or atrabiliary capsules, retroperitoneal space, thyroid gland, cardiology, cardio-surgery, oncology, gynecology, prenatal diagnostics, muscle and skeletal examinations. It features are: 15-inch high resolution LCD monitor with wide-view angle, Two probe sockets with probe holder providing better protection for probes, Standard PC keyboard, Rechargeable lithium battery with 1 hour scanning without power supply, Abundant peripherals: DICOM3.0, VGA, video out, USB, S-Video, Footswitch etc.

At KeeboMed Inc., we have SonoScape S2 ultrasound machine at really discounted rates. So, if these features sound interesting to you make an order today. Working with S2, you can have accuracy, comfort and confidence.

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