Philips HD9 Ultrasound System - Ob/GYN - with V7-3, V9-4v & C5-2 Transducers!

Sale price$ 48,262.99


Philips HD9 Ultrasound System - Ob/GYN

Enhance your medical practice with the Philips HD9 Ultrasound System, expertly designed for Ob/GYN applications. Accompanied by high-caliber V7-3, V9-4v, and C5-2 transducers, this system promises exceptional imaging performance.

Condition: Gently used with minimal signs of wear, maintaining full operational functionality. Anticipate a trusted experience with this previously owned gem that delivers on its promise of reliable diagnostics.

Seller Notes: In excellent condition despite a few cosmetic scratches. Detailed photos available to attest to its great care.

Brand: Philips - A name synonymous with quality in medical imaging technology.

Model: HD9 - A proven choice for health care professionals seeking robust Ob/GYN imaging solutions.

Make an informed investment for your clinic by choosing the Philips HD9 Ultrasound System. A blend of sophistication and precision, it's the prudent pick for medical practitioners dedicated to women's health.

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