HEWLETT PACKARD HP 21243A Ultrasound Probe

Sale price$ 326.99


Discover a vast selection of diagnostic equipment at DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND MACHINES FOR SALE. Currently available is the HEWLETT PACKARD HP 21243A Ultrasound Probe, a pivotal tool for medical diagnostics.

Condition: This unit is sold 'as-is' for parts or not working. It may have defects or may require repair or service, and it may be missing key components. Refer to the seller's detailed listing for a full account of the product's condition.

Seller Notes: "I CAN NOT TEST IT" - the current seller states the inability to test the equipment, suggesting a need for assessment by the buyer or a professional technician.

Brand: HP - A mark of reliability and quality in the medical equipment industry.

MPN: Does Not Apply - Please contact for more information on product specifics.

UPC: Does not apply - Further details can be requested from the seller.

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