HEWLETT PACKARD 21242A 3.5/2.7 MHz Ultrasound probe

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HEWLETT PACKARD 21242A Ultrasound Probe -For Repair or Parts

Acquire the HEWLETT PACKARD 21242A 3.5/2.7 MHz Ultrasound Probe – a solution for those looking for parts or a project. This piece of equipment, while not currently operational, offers a unique opportunity for repair, service, or parts extraction.

Condition: Item is sold 'as is' for parts or not working. Defective in ways that impair functionality, requiring service or repair, or missing essential components. Refer to the seller's detailed listings for a comprehensive condition report.

Seller Notes: “Item has not been tested and is sold without guarantees.”

Brand: HP – a name synonymous with quality and precision in imaging technology.

Part Number: Unavailable for this listing.

UPC: Not applicable.

Ensure you have read the full seller notes and condition details before purchasing. This offer is perfect for technicians and medical equipment servicing professionals looking for a project or specific components.

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