BK Medical Ultrasound Probe E14C4T Transducer TV probe

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BK Medical Ultrasound Probe E14C4T Transducer TV probe

Experience the exceptional performance of the B-K Medical Ultrasound Probe BK 8818. With a 10-5 MHz Transducer TV probe, it delivers precise imaging capabilities. Operating flawlessly, it ensures accurate diagnostics while maintaining an impeccable cosmetic appearance, embodying reliability in every scan.

Legal Information: 

The sale of this product may be subject to strict regulation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as state and local regulations. If so, please do not bid or attempt to purchase unless properly legally authorized. We will verify buyer's authorization before completing the sale. Any questions regarding the legalities of purchasing this medical equipment should be directed to the FDA and/or other competent government agency.  

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